Examples of Business as Mission

Nelson Malwitz, Finishers Project Founder reports the following examples of BAM in action:

  • There is the businessman that holds a Bible study in Japan. The Japanese will not listen to church planting missionaries because they get paid to do what they do. But they will take time out of their hectic lives to attend a Bible study from a peer who is just as hassled in his marketplace career. It is only through this marketplace person that they come under the sound of the gospel.
  • There is the couple that went to work in Accra, Ghana--he serves as a school principal and she as a civil engineer. They serve in that mostly Christian area to disciple disciple-makers, including nationals that will go North to the unreached of Northern Ghana and beyond.
  • There is the example of a woman from Eastern Europe married to a national from Central Asia and serving in the 10-40 window with a Western mission agency. She started a nursery school and is expanding it to include the lower elementary school grades. A businessperson from the US serves alongside to assist with business and financial planning. This is a work that is presenting a Christian witness to parents and teaching the young children about Jesus.
  • There is the example of a couple that went to Moldova. She teaches ESL and he is exploring contributions he can make with his background as a VP of a multinational corporation. He came alongside local business people, and eventually, got involved with the American Embassy to make a difference in the country by rubbing shoulders with the national leaders.
  • There is the Finishers Project recruit, a single female working in central Africa with a North American mission agency. She established a school to train young people for roles in the hospitality industry. Nationals are employed in that business and her students are highly sought after.
  • A US based ministry, Global Advance, holds business seminars around the world to standing-room-only crowds. Many people in second and third world countries want to hear from American business people. This is a wonderful opportunity for skilled business people to serve short-term. More mission organizations will eventually have their missionaries set up opportunities like this to serve their constituencies.
  • There are countless opportunities to assist nationals in the arena of micro-enterprise. In most countries of the world, long range planning is 30 days. To develop a long range business plan is out of their life paradigm. So coming alongside to assess the cost of building enterprises is both biblical and useful to share Christ or encourage potential disciple-makers.

For Mission Agencies:

Just about every missionary team knows nationals that could use some enterprise assistance. The missionary may lack the time or the skills to work with locals in entrepreneurial business initiatives.  While the missionary workers have the relationships a marketplace person can complement the missionary by providing the necessary business skills. The marketplace person is just a different body part deserving of equal honor. Can your organization, its missionaries and mission teams welcome the marketplace person as an equal among equals?

For those that have had or are engaged in Marketplace Careers:

As a marketplace person can you see yourself fitting in this picture? One of many pictures that could be painted from the injunction of Jesus to “Go into all the world” and be “His witnesses” while being about the business of discipling the nations.

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