Welcome Note

This website is to serve those serving among the Diaspora Peoples of Europe (DPE). The propose is to provide a repository of resources to be available to leaders and practitioners who are working among refugees in Europe.

How does this work?

There are two sections of this website:

  • An open section of information that is available to everyone.
  • A closed section of information that is available only for approved members.


  • To become an active member you must be a leader or practitioner working either full time or part time among refugees in Europe.
  • You also must be recommended by an existing member.
  • Membership is free of cost. Except you are expected to use the resources and contribute.

The real value of this website is greatly enhanced when members contribute additional information to the various repositories.


This is a free web utility by MissionNext in partnership with the DPE.

MissionNext provides information, challenge and pathways for people to serve with their skills, talents and interests long-term, short-term, home and abroad.