Why is this important?

Thousands of Muslim refugees coming to Europe have embraced Jesus Christ as their savior since. Many come from some of the least reached countries of the world: Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria and other predominately Muslim countries. Getting accurate statistics is difficult but at a recent meeting of leaders working among Muslim refugees in Europe, we estimate that at least 10,000 refugees have come to faith in Christ since 2015, with more being added each month.

As result, many new fellowships and churches have sprung up in almost every country of Europe. Many are house fellowships but there are also numerous churches ranging from75 to 200 new MBBs. From among these new fellowships and churches, God is raising up an entirely new generation of spiritual leaders who are MBBs. Many of these emerging leaders have been followers of Christ for less than two years.

Numerous historic churches in Europe are doing all they can to help these emerging MBB churches by providing places of worship and discipleship. However, there is a growing concern that is just on horizon.

While a huge investment is underway to help these new MBB fellowships and churches, few European pastors and teachers are prepared to address a growing need to focus more energy and resources on developing the spiritual leaders who will be prepared to lead these new fellowships and churches in the future.

This website seeks to provide resources for those who are servicing this need.